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We also offer the truly African Bow-Hunter Experience, whether be a traditional or compound or re-curve bow you like to hunt with. Bow-hunters will be hunting with a registered bow-hunter who knows the hunting field and has the skills and acquired knowledge of bow-hunting the African plains game.
Whether it is your first time on a bow-hunt in Namibia or whether you are a skilled bow-hunter, we will make sure that you have the bow-hunting experience of a lifetime. We also accommodate women and children who enjoys the pleasures of bow-hunting and we can assure you that it will be a quality family experience.

Blind Blind

We have available on our hunting grounds a 20m, 30m and 40m shooting range to practice the bows and get it set for the hunt.

We make use of the walk-and-stalk method for those hunters who enjoys the trill of slowly moving up closer and closer to its trophy, but we also make use of the method of shooting from a blind at a comfortable position where one awaits the trophy and builds up the excitement of knowing that the trophy will be bagged within the next few minutes…….

Blind Blind

All our permanent blinds are build half way into the ground, providing the bow-hunter with enough space to be able to get the best position for shooting the trophy. The blinds are all build from the natural materials available from the hunting grounds and the nearby surroundings and are build in such a way, to minimize all sounds and movement that can be noticed by the game standing nearby at the water troughs, maximum distance of shooting at about 30m, but the game move around at the water in a quite relaxed manner and are in a shooting position of less than 30m away, most of the time.

We also assist of a portable blind that can be moved around as the need may be, to get closer to the game that does not spend enough time at the water points.

The bow-hunting season runs from the first day of February until the last day of November each year. In the rainy season (first 3-4 months) we experience more success with the walk and stalk method as the game gets enough water from the hunting grounds and do not visit the water points that regularly.
In the drier months, we have been more successful in using the method of shooting from a blind, because the game are tended to be more thirsty and visit the watering points at regular intervals.

The Minimum requirements for Bow-Hunting in Namibia are as follows:

Arrow weight Arrow weight Arrow weight
350 grains - 22,68 grams 400 grains - 25, 92 grams 450 grains - 29,16 grams
Bow Kinetic Energy Bow Kinetic Energy Bow Kinetic Energy
25ft/lbs - 33,9 joules 40ft/lbs - 54,24 joules 65ft/lbs - 88,13 joules

Blind Blind

Please, number the trophy animals you would like to hunt with us during your stay, from the trophy you would like to harvest first (most favorite) to the trophy that you would like to harvest last (least favorite) on your list of trophies to hunt. This will ensure that we provide you with the best quality hunt and make sure that you get the trophy you would most like to have. Every hunter likes to go home a happy hunter.

If you require any further information regarding the bow - needs or any other information regarding bow-hunting, please feel free to contact us.

Jeff Johnston - Oryx Jeff Johnston - Warthog
Mark Wagner and Wikkie Steenkamp - Impala Mark Wagner - Impala
Mark Wagner and Wikkie Steenkamp - Oryx Mark Wagner - Oryx
Mark Wagner and Wikkie Steenkamp - Springbuck Mark Wagner - Springbuck
Bow-hunter with oryx Bow-hunter with oryx
Bow-hunter with oryx

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