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Ostrich Waterberg - Rock Herix

Wikkie @ Wildheim Safari´s

It is my great pleasure to have been able to hunt in October 2007 with Wildheim Safaris. The hunting was everything we had hoped it would be and your facilities and hospitality were perfect! We were particularly impressed with your hand made figured, hard wood furniture and fixtures, never have I seen any better! Your lodge and cabins are absolutely, “classic desert architecture“, where the concrete walls block out, acting as “heat sinks“ to moderate the daytime temperatures and then re–use that heat to dampen the cool night–time desert air. Most efficient, say I!

You told me, you had made your hunting vehicle from “SCRATCH“ and I must say there isn´t a more usable one in all of Africa, or the world for that matter! It is the most well appointed shooting STAGE, as they used to say, in the old days, that I can even imagine!

I was very impressed with the quality and variety of game that seemed to be in “prime condition“, even though this was the END of winter. Your wind–mills, supplying the water in this very dry landscape must seem to your animals to be “like manna from heaven“.

I was able to take with your guidance, the four animals I came to Africa for. Next time I want to have a Blackface Impala, a Kudu and an Eland plus another Springbok, and maybe a Steenbok. My Kalahari Gemsbok Oryx, Black Wildebeest, and the Springer are all superb, but my favorite may well be the Red Hartebeest. They are so foolish looking, that they are BEAUTIFUL! Next time I might have another for Euro mounts. I certainly appreciate you finding me the best, most attractive Hartebeest of the bunch!

I was amazed to see your Capital City, a most modern Citadel, and a true PALMIRA! It was a wonderful place to visit and shop. Your Namibian shopping centers are as modern as any in ST. LOUIS.

Looking forward to seeing you at the SCI SHOW in RENO, with love Neil Keen, Wentzville, ST.LOUIS, Missouri, USA

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