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Rifle hunting
Trophy Animals
African Wild Cat
Black Wildebeest
Black-back Jackal
Cape Fox
Hartman´s Zebra
Kalahari Springbuck
Oryx (above 40")
Red Hartebeest

Special Request
Black–Faced Impala

Daily Fee
1 Hunter & 1 Guide
2 Hunters & 1 Guide

Oryx - Bonita Smith 2007 Red Hartebeest - Brian Carman (Side View)

Please note that Game that has been wounded and not found are subjected to 15% VAT.

Inclusive: Exclusive:
  • Accommodation
  • Tips
  • Laundry
  • Hotel and airfares before and after the Safari
  • Meals
  • Taxidermist treatment and dispatch of trophies
  • Drinks (Beer & Soft Drinks)
  • Strong Alcoholic liquor
  • Guide
  • Additional tours
  • Trophy Handling
  • Medical Expenses
  • Hunting Vehicle
  • Insurance
  • Game Viewing
  • Trophy fees for animals wounded and lost
  • Permits
  • Hire of rifle and ammunition
  • Liability Insurance
  • Transport from and to airport

    Other game is available on request.

    *Extra hunting days and game will be fully charged for.

    Sundowner Sundowner

    11.4.2007 - Black Wildebeest - Neil Keen Oryx - Brian Carman

    Kalahari Fox at Waterhole

    Management hunts

    MANAGEMENT HUNTS are now offered by Wildheim Safari´s. We offer the hunter/s the opportunity of harvesting a bigger number of the same Specie of game at a special, more affordable rate!

    The reason for providing hunters with this new great opportunity, is to manage our game population numbers. Hunters will be able to enjoy Hunting more and paying less…. And the game population numbers will be more manageable this way.

    Please feel free to contact us if you are interested and would like to find out more regarding our management of game population.

    Be prepared, be one step ahead and enjoy hunting more and paying less….

    1. 1 Bushman Hunt – 7 day safari – 1 Hunter – US$3 500
    10 Springbuck
    3 Oryx

    2. 2 Bushmen Hunt – 7 day safari – 2 hunters – US$7 730
    20 Springbuck
    4 Oryx
    4 Red Hartebeest

    Please note: No trophy animals are included in Management packages


    Package Price INCLUDES travelling expenses (only in Namibia) AND Daily Fees (Hunting expenses and accommodation). Quotations on all of the packages mentioned above for 1 hunter are also available or provided for 2 hunters on request. Deciding on changing in a specific package can be done, new quotation will then be provided on request.

    Everything EXCLUDED of the package includes: All gifts bought, all extra animals decided to be hunted (will be the price on the pricelist) excluded of the package prices.
    All further cost: NOT MENTIONED. (Example - air flight fees, any fees resulting from travelling to Nam for instance customs or permit costs other than the permits we take out on the clients behalf.)

    Extra Safari´s / sight-seeing and distances travelled to them. Walking & Stalking requires extra hunting days depending on the package chosen. (This is negotiable depending on the specific package chosen.)


    Provide us with details of your requirements below and click the SUBMIT button to send us the form, which we have tried to keep as short as possible. We will aim to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours. Personal information provided is used only in our correspondence with you and will never be supplied to any third party.


    A 50% deposit on daily fees are payable in advance. The outstanding amount of the daily fees and the trophies are to be settled before departure in cash or with Internet transfers (proof of payment).


    No refunds will be paid.

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